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3M Card

Thank you to my amazing year 3 students this year and their incredible families. I truly had a sensational year! Have a wonderful Christmas and a well deserved break.  You’ll always be my best year 3 class! Erin Maloney xxx


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Our dig!!!

3M became Paleontologists by digging different dinosaurs out of an egg.



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Symmetrical Patterns

We created symmetrical patterns from coloured paper.

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Mini Golf Construction

We constructed our Mini Golf hole out of cereal boxes, staws etc. We had so much fun constructing, making and then playing!!!!

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Melbourne Zoo

It was a hot and very windy day at the Melbourne zoo. The year 3s all braved the temperatures and saw (not) many animals!

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Southern Ocean Incursion

Today we had a visit from Trent from Southern Oceans. He told us so much facts about the sea animals.

The blue whale is bigger than 3 buses

The blue whale holds their breath for over 2 hours!

Sea horses mate for life and the males carry the babies

The leafy sea dragon hides from predators in sea weed

All drains lead to the ocean

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Phillip Island Camp 2019 More photos to come!!!

We had so much fun at grade 3 camp at Phillip Island. When we got there, we settled into our cabins. Then we walked down to Smith’s beach and went to the penguin parade. The penguins were so small! On Tuesday, we did activities like the giant swing, low ropes course, canoeing and archery. My favourite was the giant swing because you got to go as high as you wanted! I loved the food, it was so yummy. The dessert was the best, especially the ice cream. We had the best time ever!
By Cassie and Chanti


My favourite thing was the giant swing because it was scary and I like going on scary rides! By Quinn


I loved the giant swing because when I went so high, I was so scared but it was fun. I also liked archery because I got the highest score for all of the grade 3s. I even got a bull’s eye! By Gemma S


I loved the giant swing, because I thought it was too scary but when I tried it, it was so much fun! By Senul





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Pillow Case Resilience Project

On Monday the 2nd of September, We had the Australian Red Cross people come. They told the grade 3’s how to prepare and get ready for an Emergency. They gave each of us a little pouch with lots of activities and a pillow case. They gave us a pillowcase because they are used to put the important stuff you need for an Emergency.

Chantelle 3M


On Monday 2nd September 2019 the Red Cross Safety people came to the grade 3’s. They brought pillowcases. They got it from Disney. We used Fabric Textas to colour in the pillowcase. I learnt that you need to be prepared and be wise of what important things you need for a dangerous emergency.

Randall 3M


On the 2nd of September we had a pillowcase incursion. We had some visitors come to tell us about emergencies and what to bring in an emergency. We learned to bring certain things in an emergency. So that’s medicine, phone, band aids, first aid kit and so on.

Quinn 3M


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Book Week Dress Up Day

Book Week Dress Up day was so much fun! It was so nice to see everyone participating.

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Run to Sydney!

Today 3M ran to Sydney! We worked out it was 900km from Melbourne to Sydney. We then used ratio to work out if 100km is the same as 1 lap of the basketball court, then we needed to run 9 laps to make it to Sydney.

Phew! Next up, we will run to Brisbane.



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