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Night and Day construction stage

Today we worked on our Night and Day dioramas. We got very creative and used a whole bunch of materials to make them.


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Chess Incursion

On Wednesday 20th March, the 3s and 4s had an introduction to Chess. We played “Preps vs Principal.”

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Harmony Day

Yesterday, was Harmony Day. Thank you to all those people who wore orange or traditional clothing. It was lovely to see.

We spent time with our buddies and discussed how lucky we are to be living in Australia with all our different cultures and traditions that we can experience.

Harmony Day to us represents that it’s ok to be different, no matter what you look like, no matter what you believe and no matter where you come from.

Everybody belongs!

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Night and Day

This term for inquiry, we are learning about Night and Day. We have been busy planning and designing our dioramas. We needed to think about 2 scenes, one day and one night, and how we are going to construct these scenes using shoe boxes.

Planning stage:



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3-6 Athletics

We had so much fun yesterday at 3-6 Athletics. It was so nice to see everyone having a go and trying their best.


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Paper Fights!

3M have been learning about how to add dialogue to our narrative writing. Today we had a ‘paper fight.’ A fight on paper, where you take turns writing down the dialogue.

It was boys vs girls and we pretended we were a brother and sister fighting over the taking the garbage out.

It was very exciting and all the students were engaged.

See the ‘paper fight’ below…boys start the fight….

I already did mine on Tuesday.

  • No, it’s your turn to do it.

No, it’s yours. You do it!

  • Don’t give it to me, it’s your turn!

I don’t have one anymore.

  • Mum said that YOU have to do it.

I can’t have my turn twice, so you do it.

  • If you don’t throw it outside, the trash will throw YOU outside!

Don’t you…. Shhh. It’s your turn!

  • But I got an award this week. It’s your turn.

So what! I got thousands of awards. Mum said you have to do it.

  • I didn’t hear mum say that!

Yes you did! It was at the dinner table last night.

  • Mum said that you have to do it, you can’t say no, she’s the boss.

Oh really!

  • Dad, also agreed.

Dad said that you have to do it. Otherwise you’ll get grounded.

  • You have to do it. I already done it twice this week.

I’ve done it 3 times this week.

  • Nuh uh!

I’m not taking it until you have your go.

  • Mum and dad both agreed that you have to do it

Liar! It’s your job.

  • I’ve done it all week. It’s your turn.

Not true! Mum and dad AND pop and gran said YOU have to do it. Last week, and the week before that you were on a holiday!

  • That was last month. Do it!

I’m too busy playing my game. You take it out. Stop being lazy.

  • If you don’t do it, I’ll tell dad.

Ooooooooh I’m so scared!

  • You’re too lazy.

But there’s a chart that says you have to do it.



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Passion Projects

The grade 3s all were  asked to asked to complete a project about their passion, it was so great to see all the different passions that our students have!

We learnt about dancing, taekwondo, Minecraft, cricket, soccer, gymnastics, Lego, travelling and basketball to name a few.


Thank you 3M for sharing your passion projects with us!

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Marvellous Me incursion

Marvellous Me Incursion

We had an incursion called Marvellous Me visit the grade 3s on Tuesday.

It was so much fun! I loved watching the show and dancing.

“We got to be crabs and walk sideways.” Ellson and Violet

“We learned lots of stuff like being different is good.” Senul

“If you are the same, it would be a very boring world.” Maadhav

The show had 3 messages:

1) It’s ok to be yourself

2) It’s great to have lots of friends

3) It’s ok to make mistakes


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Welcome to Year 3

We have had a lovely start to the year this year. It has been fun learning about each of the students’ interests and hobbies.

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